A horizontal approach to wellness

coH offers an intuitive, embodied approach to self care, wellness & connection to the Divine

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collage of Health is a space to practice permaculture for the soul.  

Now offering: 

Live classes the every Thursday in July and August  7-9p on the following topics: 

In addition to the classes, I will provide needed mentorship the day before each class (Wednesday before) and this offer comes with access to coH's mighty network community  to share your experience with other like-hearted folks in a safe and private space. 

Schedule of webinars:

  • July Astrology 
    • On this webinar we will look at key points in the astrology chart such as Chiron, the midheaven, venus phase that we were born in, the nodes as well as key fixed stars in our galactic charts) exploring where our life's direction is pointing us to.  where have you been and where does your soul want to take you? 
  • August 17 Ayurveda medicine & food intolerances too!
    • will explore our most prominent dosha(s) & where our imbalances are & will go over food intolerance testing and my experience with this after testing 100's of people. 
  • The Akashic Records the group will be guided into the records and together we will explore what comes up for us personally and collectively.  Time for practice and to process.  
  • IFS & yoga therapy Through Dick Swartz's Internal Family System model and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy we will tap into the wisdom held in the body through this unique combined signature model.  Group meditation, time to process and journal. 
  • Divination tools:  Guidance and practice with a pendulum, oracle cards & automatic writing. Curious about working with a pendulum and want to practice with oracle cards & automatic writing?  During this week we will delve deeply into these intuitive practices
  • Meditation & Reiki (working with guides & ancestor’ helpers) Group meditation using facets of different models including one from the Dagara tradition handed down by Elder Malidoma Some Patrice. 
  • group discussion on backyard permaculture and herbal medicine simplified. 
    • Vedic vastu shastra techniques will also be touched upon
  • And lastly offering Ask a Mental Health Expert your general questions answered.

Instead of being your practitioner, I want to teach you how to be your own one!

collage of Health, LLC (coH) is a business design created by Kris Hanvey, MSN, RN, CCIT, an advanced practice mental health nurse and holistic healer offering guidance & coaching based on 35 years of combined experience in psychiatry, herbalism/Reiki/yoga, Ayurveda, astrology, and shamanic & meditative practices. 

Workshop 222 

Finding your story and then letting the story go

This site also offers wrap-around teaching & support for how to nurture both the inner body & the body of the earth through:

  • Food and Herbal Tips, Ideas & Recipes (mostly Vegan/all GF)
  • Information on Permaculture Techniques
  • Tarot/Oracle Shares
  • Astrology tips, Ceremonies & Reports
  • Yoga and Meditation Groups
  • And More!

 Together we will incorporate the unification of the divine feminine/masculine, yin/yang, so above, so below 

The gift to self becomes the gift to another.  

BUT first we have to find who we are!

Finding the unity within is a practice & discipline.

Once we embody into our sovereignty, we are able to find the fullness of life 

I invite you on this journey with me in finding the true power of attracting the nectar of life                                                                        

If you are interested in being a part of this groundbreaking community

please join today (see the link below) or for more info: [email protected]A Big Thanks to those who come on board~
I want to underscore the value of a shared community. One in which peer support is invaluable & your participation through your stories, ideas & experiences is both welcomed & needed

Medical Disclaimer

This is NOT vertical, top down prescriptive care.  If you are looking for this, please seek it through your primary or specialty care providers.  The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or treat any one person's individual issue(s).  

Nor is not meant to take the place of or act as a medical provider to fix, treat or cure you.